Ann Karren Gitlis‏

Nomadic Jewelry

Ann’s history with the Negev bedouin begins in 1967 upon her marriage to An Israeli born -husband, Baruch. They were honored to have a marriage celebration in the tent of the bedouin sheik Auda. He opened two tents to hold a caravan of friends and relatives who joined in this feast.

This friendship of Baruch and Auda lasted for many years. where both families would visit in the Gitlis’ home or the tent of Auda and his family.

Meanwhile Ann became very interested in the women of the tribe and of their culture and artifacts. What follows is the passion, love and respect she developed of the Bedouins of the Negev and the Sinai Peninsula.

Vacations the family would drive South to the Sinai along the Red Sea and set their modern tent nearby the hand-made animal haired tents of the nomads .They continued to web their stories while drinking the strong Arabic coffee and listening to the poetic music from the Bedouin violin.

During this time Ann was fortunate to be a student of these wise women of their philosophy and their collections of artifacts, ancient beads and coins.

Presently Anni is living in the San Francisco Bay Area where she continues her connection to the Bedouins by working in collaboration by using their treasures to create her own designs. It is no wonder that these have made their way to museums and the homes of serious collectors as well as to the novice who appreciates their magic and beauty.

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